This is an pole lift, used to lift railroad ties by machine lift. Cash only. For more information or to make an offer contact me thru NexTech.
Have it wired for heat lamp
This was taken off of an old dresser, and it is quite unique how the handles fit together with the ring. The ring fits behind the plaquet, and then the rings are used to open the doors. Two matching drawer pulls also. Very pretty, just maybe need shined up (I am not going to mess with them, because I don't want to mess them up!) Made of metal, but unsure what type of metal.
This step was used on heavy duty wagons. The back post is broke off on it, but it would still be something worth having. Cash only. If you have any questions contact me thru NexTech.
This was used by the railroad to put railroad ties in place. Cash only. For more information or to purchase contact me thru NexTech.
This is an Emerson 3 pole attach buggy step. Cash only. For more information or to make an offer contact me thru NexTech.
These small ice tongs would have been for household use. Cash only. For more information or to make an offer contact me thru NexTech.
I have for sale over 1000 33rpm vinyl records. Most are from the 50's 60's and 70's. Some rock, country, black artists, movie soundtracks, Little bit of everything. The cd's and cassettes are mostly rock. Most records are .25 to $1. Set up time to come look message me.
Not a reproduction, the real deal. One of my best picks of the year. Very good condition. It could be yours if you get it before I take it to the flea market. Message if interested. Thanks.
44 antique steel beer cans. Most are bottom opened. Most of these brewery's went under long ago. 40+ years old. Display in the man cave or behind the bar.
Vintage Coleman 2 burner camp stove. Have a can of fuel to go with it. I never used it so don't really no if it works. I can try and check it if somebody wants it. Great collector item. I have several of these and the lanterns displayed in my office.
Grinders 15each . French fry cutter $8, Mixer $10.
Tags $15 pair, Toys $25 pair, Fire tanks $25 for the one on left, $15 for one on right. Message me if interested.
The ones with no dividers are $15 each the other 2 are $25 each . No broken panes. Message if interested.
Selling my 30+ year old Beer Can Collection. Most still have there pop tops and have been drain through small holes in bottom of can. Some brands are no longer made and some have famous sports people on them. Most are dent and scrach free. Message if interested. Put in your man cave or display at your bar like i did.
Several metal road signs. Bought from a elderly man who worked for the state.
Antique swing. Nice patina. Or I can sandblast it and paint it for 40 extra. Message if interested. I don't know why these photos won't load right. Chain and other hardware not included in price .
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